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About Cambridge Coaching

We are a company dedicated to teaching. Founded in 2005 by PhD candidates at Harvard, Cambridge Coaching continues to maintain a staff of the most talented tutors available anywhere. We offer in-person tutoring in Boston and New York, and online tutoring for students around the world.

Cambridge Coaching was the first tutoring company composed of Harvard and MIT PhDs. We are not a large corporation. Rather, we are a cooperative of physicists, historians, economists, literary critics, business scholars, chemists, sociologists, lawyers, linguists, biologists, and mathematicians who provide exceptional one-on-one tutoring and academic support to our students. We do not advertise heavily and most of our business comes by word of mouth. We like our students, and we think our students like us. Many of the students with whom we work have been with us for years. We believe in academic mentorship. We also believe that the best mentors are inspirational role models: scholars, thought leaders, and world changers.

Unlike the slew of companies that have sprung up since it was founded, Cambridge Coaching is the cumulative achievement of academics who care about professional pedagogy. We do not hire undergraduates because we believe that teaching requires expertise as well as enthusiasm. The majority of our tutors are doctoral candidates in Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, and Princeton’s top-ranked graduate programs. We hire MBA, JD and MD candidates for standardized tests and subject areas where their expertise is invaluable. Our team also includes college graduates who received a BA or BS with distinction, and who display exceptional accomplishments and promise as teachers. As far as we are aware, our tutors earn the highest compensation - and the greatest share of company revenue - of any tutors in the industry. Unlike a vast number of boutique tutoring companies, our financial processes are consistent and transparent, and we are constantly striving to be more fair to our tutors. We are known among doctoral candidates at top graduate programs as a company run by academics for academics. We are part of the extended academic family. Consequently, we are able to hire and retain outstandingly talented tutors.

We are proud that our small staff is composed of PhD candidates, members of Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduates of top undergraduate institutions, Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, McKinsey Scholars, and countless other amazingly talented teachers! Our tutors routinely win teaching awards for their work as undergraduate teaching assistants, and several have been nominated as the top teaching assistants at their respective universities. Former Cambridge Coaching tutors have gone on to posts as professors at America’s most prestigious colleges and universities. In addition, we exclusively hire personable, patient and pleasant teachers. We believe that academic mentorship requires personality as well as brains. In their spare time, our tutors are novelists, poets, bloggers, journalists, dancers, basketball players and entrepreneurs. We like to think that our tutors are pretty cool.

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