Academic Tutoring, Subject Tests & Homework Help

Field changers teach the basic and the advanced. Any subject test, any level of difficulty.
We love what we do.

Cambridge Coaching was founded by PhD candidates at Harvard. Our tutors continue to be doctoral candidates in top-ranked graduate programs at Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, and Princeton. We hire JDs, MBAs, and MDs for standardized tests and subject areas where their expertise is invaluable. Our team also includes college graduates who received a BA or BS with distinction, and who display exceptional accomplishments and promise as teachers. We employ anthropologists, biologists, chemists, economists, engineers, writers, political scientists, and statisticians, among many other scholars. Because we draw our tutors from graduate programs, we are able to match students with experts in their fields, however specialized. Whether you are studying power systems, stochastic processes, or Shakespearean sonnets, we can help you find a tutor who is a master of the material and loves teaching it.

Cambridge Coaching offers students an unparalleled opportunity for one-on-one learning with tutors who are at the forefronts of their fields, and who are simultaneously committed to teaching the basics. It is a common fallacy that advanced scholars are "too far along" to explain fundamental concepts to their students. We believe that, on the contrary, more experience with a subject only helps teachers to become better at explaining material to their students - at any level. To explain our philosophy, we sometimes use this analogy: If you were learning to ski, you would not choose an intermediate skier as your ski instructor; rather you would choose the most advanced skier available. Your top pick would be a veteran skier who had been all over the backcountry and was able teach the sport he or she was passionate about. In other words: choose the most knowledgeable tutor available.

We offer academic tutoring, subject test preparation, and homework help in person in Cambridge and New York, and online anywhere in the world. Some students prefer to combine in-person and online tutoring. We are happy to accommodate all students' needs and learning styles.

Most of our academic tutoring relationships take one of four forms:

  1. 1Long term academic mentorship

    Many of our high school and college students have worked with us in several different academic subjects over several years. Rather than seeking a tutor for one course or exam, students interested in academic mentorship work with us over an extended period of time. Some tutors help students with difficult subjects and courses, while others help students explore advanced content that their high school and college courses do not cover. Tutors who work with students on coursework often help them prepare for the relevant standardized test (AP, SAT II Subject Test, or GRE Subject Test).

  2. 2Standardized test specific

    We have tutors who specialize in each AP, SAT II Subject Test, and GRE Subject Test. Some students use their tutoring to address challenging topics in preparatory coursework for those tests, while others work with a tutor to design a syllabus that covers the entire body of exam content. For a sample syllabus from a 12-week prep for the AP in Microeconomics, see this economics mentorship syllabus. Tutoring for subject tests can cover content, test-taking strategies, and study skills.

  3. 3Course specific

    This option makes sense for students who are struggling in a course, hope to take a course outside their academic comfort zone, or seek to pursue an academic subject in more depth. Some of our more popular subjects are listed in this section, though we can build a syllabus around any high school or college course. Check out this syllabus tailored to a semester long calculus course.

  4. 4Short-term emergencies

    Typically, these engagements start with the phrase, "I have an exam in ____ days." Although we believe that long-term tutoring relationships are critically important to learning and retaining knowledge, we can help you if you're in a pinch too. We make our best effort to accommodate students at the last minute.