The MD application process is an extraordinary opportunity to express all your hard work and dedication to medicine in lucid prose. "Hold on!" you might be thinking, "Writing my application will require a strong individual narrative with sufficient breadth and flexibility to cover dozens of prompts over the primary and secondary applications. How is this a great opportunity?" With the help of a Cambridge Coaching consultant, you will be able to develop a medical school application narrative that will make your application stand out. Many medical students remember their application process as an important moment of self-reflection and articulation, one that helped them spell out why they wanted to become doctors in the first place.

We offer beginning-to-end guidance on every component of the application. Although clients are free to work with us on a single essay or even a single draft, we find that we achieve the best results with clients who work with us throughout their application process.

Initial Consultation

This consultation is focused on your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant, the components that you hope to emphasize in your application, and the aspects of your personal, professional, and academic history that best make your case. The goal of the consultation is to give you a rough admissions narrative, while beginning to answer the major questions and challenges posed by your application. In particular, we pay close attention to your rationale for pursuing an MD, your post-MD career goals and their connection to your history, and your argument for why you want to be a physician. During the initial consultation, we can also discuss school selection, recommendations, and your MCAT strategy, if relevant (1 hour, complimentary for clients who purchase a package).

The Personal Statement & Additional Essays

For students starting from scratch, we encourage a structured process to produce personal statements and essays. The time allocated to each step below is an approximation of consultation time for one 500-word essay. If you want to know how long the process as a whole will take you to complete, you might consider your independent working time for each step as well. We can consult on the phone, by e-mail, by video conference, or in person.

60-75 minutes
We begin by helping clients generate a list of topics, themes, and vignettes that could structure specific essays and the broader narrative arc of the application. Clients are free to share materials they have developed independently
2Free Writing
30-60 minutes
Following the brainstorming session, we ask clients to write independently about the major ideas that emerged from the session. We usually encourage them not to delete or edit. Free writing is an opportunity to generate fresh content. We find that this phase is critically important for developing the most original essays. Then, we review clients' rough content to identify the most promising material for the personal statement.
3Sketch Outlining
15-30 minutes
Now, we begin to address the structure of the essay at the paragraph level. We consider the flow of the narrative and examples or narrative material that will illustrate specific arguments. Sometimes, we generate two sketch outlines for a single essay and allow the client to work with each option independently to see which is more comfortable.
4Final Outlining
30-60 minutes
We finalize structure, providing a clear road map for the essay. We solidify all of the critical components of the essay: the thesis, topic sentences for each paragraph, examples, narrative arc, and conclusion.
5Rough Draft
15-30 minutes
Once the outline is finalized, we ask the client to construct an initial draft without considering length restrictions. We often find that the writing process generates some new content worth keeping.
6Feedback and Revision
30 minutes per round
Using the Track Changes and Comment functions in Word, we provide feedback on structure, messaging, and tone. We also provide an overview of feedback in a cover e-mail message so that the client has a clear understanding of the essay's top level, paragraph-level, and sentence-level issues. Many clients also benefit from discussing the revisions with their consultant. Most clients require at least three rounds of feedback.
7Copy Editing
30-60 minutes
To complete the essay, we perform grammatical and sentence-level corrections. This final proofread ensures that the essay is typo-free and polished.

The Activity List

The summary of a client's activities, volunteer experience, lab experience and past employment is an important component of the application that often receives limited attention. Because it serves as the basis for secondary essays, and differentiates applicants in a way that grades and scores cannot, the activity list can play a central role in an application. We help students portray themselves in lively prose, frame their activities favorably, and harmonize their activities with the broader narrative of the application.

Letters of Recommendation

We help you determine whom to ask for letters and take steps to ensure that your letters are strong. Recommenders often appreciate it when you provide a summary of your interaction with them. Your summary can go a long way toward ensuring that the recommendation will be customized, detail-rich (rather than generic) and correspond effectively with your application.

Explanatory Addenda

Most admissions committees believe that candidates should be able to expand on aspects of their candidacy that are not represented in the standard materials. We can help you construct a diversity statement, a statement of interest, or an explanation of academic/MCAT performance. Addenda are particularly essential for applicants who need to clarify a disciplinary, legal, or other issue.

The Overview

For clients who work with us throughout the process, the overview is performed by a new consultant who has never seen your application. It can take place at any point in the process, but most clients prefer to use this service when their application is almost done. The overview covers the entirety of your application and provides an opportunity to perfect your message. For clients who have not worked with us previously, the overview represents a cost-effective way to get feedback on the big picture.

The output of the overview is a written assessment of each of your essays. We comment on their merits and limitations, and suggest tweaks for improving positioning and tone. For applicants who haven't worked with us previously, we also critique the overall effectiveness of essays as a group. In particular, we focus on your broad argument for admission and how each essay contributes to or detracts from it.

Wait List Letters

If you've been wait-listed, you have an opportunity to submit additional information, clarifying your continued interest and offering new information regarding your candidacy. We can help you respond to bad news in a productive way.