Applying to medical schools is tough. Which makes a certain amount of sense: if it were easy, everyone would do it. It involves a primary application, a round of secondary applications (or supplemental materials), and interviews at schools that are considering your candidacy more closely. The process is arduous largely because it takes, start to finish, at least several months, and because it is very writing-intensive, involving not just your AMCAS personal statement but multiple secondary essays as well.  And this is where a lot of applicants get tripped up: after years of stuffing every square inch of your brain with molecules and formulae, it can be a shock to discover that your dreams hinge upon your ability to express with clarity (and maybe a little poetry) why you want to be a doctor.

This is where Cambridge Coaching comes in: we are the most qualified team of medical school writing coaches available anywhere.  Our team is composed of MD, MD-PhDs, and professional writers because we understand that the best coach is going to help you produce a dazzling AMCAS essay, as well as a suite of supplementary materials that provides a persuasive, integrated argument for why you belong in medical school.

The challenge of the medical school application process isn’t just due to the workload, either. It has to do with the sheer competitiveness of the system. You can’t take anything for granted; every aspect of your application has to be solid - your GPA, your MCAT, your recommendations, your interviews, your activities, and your personal statement. That’s why we go beyond the usual options and offer coaching that covers the entire application, not just your personal statement. While we are happy to work with clients on a single essay or drafts, we find that we achieve the best results with clients who work with us throughout their application process - from the MCAT through to the admissions deadlines.

Here are the advantages of working with us on your medical school application:
  1. 1

    An expert MCAT tutor

    A great score on the MCAT is the key to getting into the best schools. Cambridge Coaching will pair clients who have not taken the MCAT - or who have, and wish to boost their scores - with one of our expert tutors.  If you would like to learn more about our test preparation program, please contact us or visit our MCAT page.

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    A targeted, team approach to medical school admissions

    Our team approach to medical school admissions sets us apart.  We will match you with a student or graduate from a top medical school as well as a professional writing coach.  Our chief priority is providing you with a team that’s as serious about getting results as you are.  That’s why we think the best approach involves a pair of coaches: a guide who knows the system, knows how to guide you through the different demands of each school’s admissions committee, and knows what you need to do to impress them, AND a writing coach with a professional writing background who will help you craft your narrative.

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    Professional writing coaches

    Founded by Harvard English PhDs, Cambridge Coaching takes great care to employ the best editors and writers with real editorial experience. Our service is a collaborative process, with students and coaches working closely together to craft the final application. While we do offer copy editing and proofreading, we prefer to work with you to build your AMCAS from scratch.

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    A pragmatic, coherent structure for your process

    Whether you’re just beginning on this race, or whether you just need a final push to get over the finish line, your coaches will take you through every aspect of the application process, covering MCAT preparation, recommendations, the personal statement and activity list, and anything else that you need.  Applicants who follow our structured approach find that they are less stressed out and more successful.

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