Each coaching package is tailored to our clients’ specifications and is designed to enable you to become the most compelling, distinctive applicant you can be. Below, you’ll find the components of the medical school application process that we include in our packages, and details about how our coaches help you through every step.

  1. 1MCAT Preparation

    If you haven’t taken the MCAT yet, don’t panic! The first thing we’ll do is pair you with one of our expert MCAT tutors, who will design a customized syllabus, based on a diagnostic test, which will guide you through to getting your best possible score on test day. For more information on how we approach the MCAT, visit our MCAT tutoring page.

  2. 2The AMCAS Personal Statement

    This is the centerpiece of your application. The medical school admissions essay is your chance to make the all-important “argument for admission.” Your job is to craft an essay that will show the committee that you will be a great student, and a great doctor. But while most prospective medical students have a clear sense of why they want to be doctors, they still find it difficult to create a stirring, empathic narrative that draws on past experience to clearly demonstrate how they will contribute to the medical profession. It’s a delicate dance, but our application coaches understand how it's done. They are the very best at helping you figure out the best frame for your particular story.

  3. 3The AMCAS Activities List

    We like to think of the Activities List as a resume-plus: a chance to not only to show the committee what experiences you’ve had, but also to tell them what those experiences have meant for your development as a medical professional. We help you strategically choose the most impactful experiences to write about, and then guide you through how to present them powerfully.

  4. 4Secondary Applications

    Once you’ve submitted your AMCAS primary application, many schools will reach out to you with invitations to complete secondary applications.  Secondary applications typically consist of 1 or more short answer or essay questions, and they ask you to explain why you see yourself at a particular medical program (rather than just in medical school generally).  The task of the secondaries is to stay consistent with your primary application, while also stating clearly why you are interested in a specific school.

  5. 5Interviews

    Once you have submitted your secondary applications, some schools may invite you to interview.  We recommend that you have at least one or two mock interviews with your medical school coach to prepare for this hurdle.

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