Admissions Calculator

Calculate your chance of admission at different schools based on your science GPA, overall GPA, MCAT score, and ethnicity. While not as accurate or rigid as law school admissions calculators, this tool can give you a useful sense of your own competitiveness.


The Official Guide to Medical School Admissions (AAMC) 
Written and published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, administrators of the MCAT and guardians of the gates, this guide is the only official comprehensive source of information on preparing for and applying to medical school.

The Medical School Admissions Guide: A Harvard MD's Week-By-Week Admissions Handbook
A good breakdown of the complete process, with timelines to help you plan ahead, advice on getting recommendations, and useful information on admissions. The MedEdits Guide to Medical School Admissions: Practical Advice for Applicants and their Parents

Written by a former admissions officer at Mount Sinai, this book is intended to address applicants of every kind of background, and provide insider perspective on how committees decide. Especially recommended for its sample replies to the secondary essay questions and letters of intent.


Medical School Admission Requirements for U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools.
This website, made by the AAMC, provides accurate, official data on U.S. and Canadian medical schools and B.S./M.D. programs, including selection factors, such as MCAT and GPA data, required premedical coursework, medical school class profiles, research opportunities, and more. Membership is $25/year.

AAMC Hub for Students
An excellent source for official information on all the logistics of applying to med school, as well as postbacs and residencies. Provides useful timelines as well.
A good resource for articles and fora on a multitude of topics impacting medical school applicants. A note of caution: like all online fora, take everything on here with a considerable grain of salt. Also, it can be anxiety-provoking, because people will post admission statistics and acceptances.

Harvard Medical School Application Requirements
A good rundown of the standards that elite medical schools expect from their applicants.

Medical School Interviews

6 Things that Admissions Officers Hate
Long article detailing six common mistake applicants make in interviews

AAMC Guide to Interview Prep
Two experienced admissions officers answer frequently asked questions about interviews.

How to Pay for Medical School

AAMC Guidelines on Financial Planning
A good starting point, with links to expert advice on financial aid, budgeting, Stafford loans, and much more.

Top Ten Things to Know About Financing Your Medical Education
From Brown Medical School, this is not just a great guide to financial planning, but also contains links to financial aid search engines, service-connected scholarships, and loan repayment programs. Recommended.

Med School in the News

The Changing Face of Medical School Admissions
From the New York Times’ Well blog, a look at the new criteria admissions committees are using to evaluate students (and how they’re trying to look beyond MCATs and GPA).


US News Rankings
Includes rankings for specific medical disciplines, such as pediatrics and internal medicine.