Not only is Arabic rated as a “Critical Language” by the US State Department, it’s one of the most fascinating, useful, and beautiful languages on earth, as well. It’s also one of the hardest to learn.  That’s where a Cambridge Coaching language tutor comes in.  We offer customized private Arabic tutoring at all levels:

  • Beginners: introduction to grammar, speaking, and the Arabic alphabet
  • Intermediate: taking reading, writing, and speaking to the next level
  • Advanced: exploring seminal texts and classical Arabic

Regardless of level, our tutors create a custom course for each student.  They’ll help you fine-tune your oral skills through conversation tutorials that emphasize usage, vocabulary, and the mastery of Arabic idiom. For the more advanced student, our tutors can help develop your writing skills or prepare you for an exam. Not only are our tutors native speakers, but many are also published writers and editors, PhD candidates at NYU and Harvard University, or professional Arabic teachers--or all three!  Whether you’re traveling to the Middle East for business, need to learn enough Arabic to manage daily interactions, or a graduate student who wants to explore ancient texts, our tutors can help you with any level of Arabic.

Select the focus that is right for you to learn more about how we can help you improve your Arabic.

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Suggested Approaches

Our tutorials draw from the numerous language learning and teaching methods available to us. Our 5 favorite approaches are inclusive of all linguistic goals from grammar heavy test preparation and translation to conversational enrichment and business packages. While each of the language teaching methods below can be effective, the type of learner and the context will impact which method will best serve you. In your initial evaluation, we will assess which approach best suits your linguistic goals and your learning style.


Because we are not invested in selling proprietary materials, we’re able to pick and choose the best textbooks. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Alif Baa
  • Al Kitaab Part 1, 2
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Vocabulary
  • Arabic Verbs & Essentials

In addition to what you study during your tutoring session, one of the most fun aspects of learning a new language is exploring the culture that it comes from! Podcasts are a great way to supplement your language classes. Immerse yourself as you stroll through Harvard Sqaure, or as you walk down Lexington Avenue.

  • Arabic Pod 101
  • We Love Arabic
  • Learn Out Loud - Arabic Survial Phrases
Daily Immersion: Local Newspapers & Music

Newspapers are a great way to follow current events in your new language, while advancing your reading comprehension:

  • Al Ahram
  • Gulf Daily News
  • Al Arab Al Yawm

There are also tons of newspapers published in the United States that cater to bilingual populations. Find these daily publications around NYC or Boston to get local news in your target language.

Tip: Highlight or make a list of the words you do not recognize as you read. Don’t stop to look them up immediately. Finish the article and see how much you can understand without the dictionary. Then, look up the words, and re-read. This process may seem repetitive, but it asks your brain to work a bit more actively, and will yield results!

Some musicians are particularly easy to listen to in their native tongue. Listening to music will get you comfortable hearing your target language and help your comprehension. While you’re at it, you’ll expand your knowledge of colloquial vernacular and regional slang.

  • Nancy Ajram
  • Sherine
  • Amr Diab

Tip: Look up the lyrics in English before starting so you have a sense of the meaning of the song before you start listening. This will make it easier to recognize vocabulary!

Popular Subjects: Introduction to Arabic, Arabic Language & Literature
Tests: Arabic Language Placement Exam

Arabic Tutors

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is a public health physician and epidemiologist. He serves the City of Detroit as Executive Director of the Detroit Health Department and Health Officer. Appointed in 2015, he was tasked with rebuilding the Health Department after municipal bankruptcy.

Dr. El-Sayed is...

    Tarek is originally from Beirut, Lebanon and spent most of his formative years in his hometown. He completed his degree in Political Studies, with an emphasis on International Relations and a minor in History, before moving to Sabancı University (Istanbul) for his Masters degree in Ottoman...

Dr. Nimer Abushehab is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of neurosurgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Harvard Medical School. Originally from Jordan, he graduated from medical school with honor as one of the top students in his class, during which he...

When Will was eleven years old, he heard about the National Geographic Bee, started studying for it, and never looked back. Since then he's traveled to fifteen countries, lived abroad in three, learned three languages, and dabbled in three more. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Will...

Born and raised in Baltimore, Allison spent her primary and secondary education studying Japanese until her Japanese teacher, who happened to be enrolled in Arabic classes, inspired her to do the same! She graduated from Williams College cum laude with a BA in Arabic Studies, was awarded a...

Born and raised in Syria, Ilham is a native Arabic speaker, and has been teaching Arabic to students of all ages for many years. Her students have included Master’s students working abroad or about to embark on intensive language courses, children transitioning to new schools, police academy...

Celine is a dual citizen of the United States and Lebanon. She graduated from MIT’s Sloan School of Management in 2018 with a Master of Business Administration. She received an overall GPA of 4.80/5.00 and a perfect GPA her final year. Previously, Celine earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics...

After living all around the world—Southern China, Texas, Paris, upstate New York, and Morocco—Ivy finds herself at home in Boston. She graduated with a BFA in fine arts and BAs in comparative literature, anthropology, and French from Cornell University (summa cum laude, with distinction). She...