Italiano! La lingua più bella! Few languages so lavishly reward those who take the time to learn them as Italian. Not only does it open the door to one of the most beautiful, exciting countries on earth, but it also holds the key to centuries of extraordinary art, music, and literature--to say nothing of the food.  And best of all, Italian, being rooted in Latin, is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. That’s where Cambridge Coaching comes in. We offer customized private Italian tutoring at all levels:

  • Beginners: introduction to grammar, speaking, and verb conjugation (sample syllabus here)
  • Intermediate: taking reading, writing, and speaking to the next level
  • Advanced: exploring seminal texts and academic Italian (Boccaccio, Tasso, Dante, and more!)

We have also worked with even more advanced students looking to prepare for an Italian standardized test, or to fine-tune oral skills through conversation tutorials that emphasize usage, vocabulary, and the mastery of common idiom and even slang.

Our Italian tutors are exceptional teachers - they are PhD candidates and teaching fellows at NYU, Columbia University, and Harvard University, published authors, and language professionals. They can teach anyone: whether you’ve always dreamed of reading Dante in the original Florentine, or you’re a fashion design student about to do an internship in Milan, tell us about your goals, and we’ll help you get there in no time.

Select the focus that is right for you to learn more about how we can help you improve your Italian.

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Suggested Approaches

Our 5 favorite approaches are inclusive of all linguistic goals from grammar-focused test preparation and translation to conversational enrichment and business packages.

While each of the language teaching methods below can be effective, your specific goals will impact which method we choose for your tutoring. In your initial evaluation, we will assess which approach best suits your linguistic goals and your learning style.


Because we are not invested in selling proprietary materials, we prefer to draw from the numerous language learning and teaching methods available to us. Here are some of our favorites:

Daily Immersion: Newspapers & Music

In addition to what you study during your tutoring session, one of the most fun aspects of learning a new language is exploring the culture that it comes from! Check out podcasts, music and local newspapers to get a taste of Italian culture.

Podcasts are a great way to supplement your language classes. Immerse yourself as you stroll through Harvard Sqaure, or as you walk down Lexington Avenue.

  • Italian Pod 101
  • Learn Out Loud 
  • News in Slow Italian 

Local and regional newspapers are a great way to follow current events in your new language, while advancing your reading comprehension:

Tip: Highlight or make a list of the words you do not recognize as you read. Don’t stop to look them up immediately. Finish the article and see how much you can understand without the dictionary. Then, look up the words, and re-read. This process may seem repetitive, but it asks your brain to work a bit more actively, and will yield results!

Don’t miss out on Italian music! Some musicians are particularly easy to listen to in their native tongue. Listening to music will get you comfortable hearing your target language and help your comprehension.  While you’re at it, you’ll expand your knowledge of colloquial vernacular and regional slang.  

Tip: Look up the lyrics in English before starting so you have a sense of the meaning of the song before you start listening. This will make it easier to recognize vocabulary.


Popular Subjects: Elementary Italian, Intermediate Italian, Advanced Italian, Italian Grammar Intensive, Conversational Italian, Advanced Reading & Writing, Classic Italian Literature, Italian Language & Culture, Italian & The Arts
Tests: Italian SAT Subject Test, AP Italian Language & Culture, Proficiency Exam (College and Graduate Level)

Italian Tutors

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