Pricing & Packages

We have found the options listed below to be well aligned with our students’ needs, but we are happy to develop customized packages. We require a first-time minimum purchase of three 1-hour sessions (the First Time Package) due to the significant amount of preparation that tutors do in advance of the first few sessions. The frequency and length of sessions are flexible, though most students find one or two 60-minute sessions per week to be ideal. While our tutoring is typically conducted one-on-one, please contact us if you are interested in a semi-private or a small group class.

We highly recommend an initial linguistic assessment by the director of our language program, or by one of veteran language tutors, before you meet your language tutor for the first time.

Service Standard Tutor Senior Tutor
Standard hourly rate $110/hr $150/hr
First Time Package
(3 hours)
$330 $450
Academic / Business / Enrichment Packages
(10 hours, 5% off hourly rate)
$1045 $1425

The Academic Support Package is best suited to a student looking for help with coursework, or who seeks to explore a topic of his/her choosing. We work with students both on a short-term and long-term basis, helping you prepare for an upcoming test or essay or supporting you through a semester-long course. Our language tutors are also available to create customized tutorials if you are interested in investigating a language or topic on your own.

If you’re not looking for academic support, the beauty of this package is that it can be entirely tailored to your linguistic needs. Because our team includes language tutors with a range of academic and professional backgrounds, we can match you with a tutor whose experiences and teaching style will directly support your goals. Many students opt to purchase this package to prepare for a business trip, international vacation, or overseas relocation.

Before the first session, we will conduct an assessment to evaluate your level to determine the best approach for you.For most students, we begin with an overview that covers primary grammatical tenses, context-specific subject matter through vocabulary and tense drills, interactive dialogues, and written exercises. In all our tutorials, we emphasize spoken exercises, so you can immediately apply new grammatical concepts and vocabulary in speech. For the business-oriented student, this would include language that pertains to a professional engagement or formal event; for the tourist, this could include shoptalk, asking for directions, or making a reservation. Your tutor will begin implement task-based and situational learning methods to ensure that you are comfortable utilizing your new language in a real-world context.

Test Preparation Package
(16 hours, 10% off hourly rate)
$1584 $2160