The GRE is important in many different types of graduate school admissions from Master's Programs to MBA programs to PhD programs. No matter the program to which you're applying, you will need resources to help you conquer the test. In this section, you can browse our recommended resources for GRE test-takers.

Overview of the Test
ETS Overview
ETS provides an official overview of the GRE. It’s always helpful to get the official information first to establish a foundation. Start here.
GRE Wiki
Get to know what you're getting into. Start simple when it comes to the GRE. It helps reduce the stress.
From the Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Home Page for the GRE
Have a look at the company that administers the exam. The site is a central resource for learning about the test. Try to read through all the background information. Register for the test, get practice materials and eventually obtain your score here.
The GRE is now being administered on this software for computer-based test takers. You can download a free trial. Become comfortable with the software. It will give you a major leg up on test day.
Official GRE Practice Questions
The ETS issues free practice materials.
GRE Scoring
Familiarize yourself with how the test is scored.
Free Online Study Materials
Free GRE Practice Test from the Princeton Review
A free online GRE practice test. Registration required with the Princeton Review.
SparkNotes GRE Test Prep
A step-by-step introduction to the GRE and its sections. After perusing the guide, move on to the practice and diagnostic tests.
West Texas A & M University GRE Math Practice
A comprehensive GRE Math study guide with clear and accessible answer keys and explanations for all problems.
Recommended (Or At Least Decent) Commercial Books
The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test
ETS' own GRE test study guide. Addresses the format and sections for the revised GRE.
Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides
Published by Manhattan Prep, a New York-based GRE company, this set of 8 GRE strategy guides is a comprehensive resource. Cambridge Coaching GRE tutors often use these guides and practice exams with students.
Nova's GRE Math Prep Course
One of the more in-depth guides available to deal exclusively with GRE math. Laden with practice problems, this book is ground zero for mastering the GRE math section.
Barron's Essential Words for the GRE
The bible of GRE vocabulary, Barron's Essential Words is one of the cornerstones of a strong Verbal score. Labor-intensive, but worthwhile.
The GRE in the Media
The GRE vs. the GMAT
In which The New York Times describes how the GRE came to be accepted as an alternative to the GMAT by business schools.
A Little Rusty?
Another useful article from the Times, about the very common problem faced by adults who have been out of school for a long time, and are now taking the GRE, despite the fact that they haven’t looked at a standardized test in decades.