Cambridge Coaching GRE tutors are dynamic teachers who think strategically about raising your score. As a prerequisite, we only hire tutors who have scored in the highest percentiles of the test. But the scores are only the first of many stages in our hiring process. We also ask that our tutors be effective communicators, savvy interpreters of testing data, and seasoned teachers. You are busy. Your GRE tutoring should be as efficient, effective, and enjoyable as possible. With an eye towards this goal, we employ a diverse group of exceptional tutors to meet the needs of every kind of student.

Our GRE tutors are doctoral candidates in top graduate programs at Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, and Princeton. They are grouped into four categories based on their level of teaching experience, qualitative feedback from students, volume of referrals, and historical (quantitative) client score improvement. Only tutors who have success raising scores and receive consistently outstanding feedback are promoted. We consider promotions after tutors have taught for 100 hours at the Standard tier, a cumulative 250 hours at the Senior tier, and a cumulative 500 hours at the Guru tier. You can view all our GRE tutors here.

Standard Tutors

Gifted tutors whom we selected to teach the GRE for Cambridge Coaching based on their test scores, academic credentials, and excellence as teachers. Of the exceptional population that applies to teach for Cambridge Coaching, these dynamic tutors stand out for their mastery of the GRE, and their ability to communicate this mastery to their students. All Standard tutors have gone through an intensive initial screening, as well as training for the GRE.

Senior Tutors

Experienced tutors who have track records of score improvement. Senior tutors have worked with Cambridge Coaching for a minimum of 100 hours, and they are experts at identifying weaknesses and raising scores. These tutors have extensive private tutoring and teaching backgrounds, and they receive consistently high praise from students.

Guru Tutors

Highly experienced tutors with exceptional track records of score improvement, Guru tutors have worked with Cambridge Coaching for a minimum of 250 hours. Guru tutors are a good match for students who are working within compressed time frames, who have found group classes to be ineffective, or who could benefit from the attention of a true veteran. Guru tutors receive the highest praise from students and parents.

Master Tutors

Seasoned veterans who have taught a minimum of 500 hours with Cambridge Coaching and who train incoming tutors: our most experienced, successful, and sought-after tutors. This small group never ceases to amaze. They have seen everything. They are able to turn around scores and squeeze out those extra points. They can help the procrastinator get to work and the most impressive students go the final mile. The most accomplished test preparation tutors available anywhere.

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