Some good news: the LSAT is a test you can master. And, now, the bad news: for most test takers, the LSAT takes a lot of practice and it is a critical part of your law school application. Compiled here are some helpful resources for you as you begin your law school application process.

About the LSAT
The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) Overview
An overview of the exam from the test writers.
A concise summary of the format and history of the test.
Top Law Schools
This page is designed by Top Law Schools, a group dedicated to helping students prepare to apply to law school. You'll find some good background on the exam.
Managing the Process
LSAC Registration
Create an account that will allow you to register for the LSAT, access scores and track your law school applications. You can also familiarize yourself with other aspects of the application process on this website. This website has a surplus of information in a largely unstructured format. Take what you need and move on.
Free Online Resources and Practice Tests
The June 2007 Official Test
The best free resource and a great way to get a baseline score so that you can construct a preliminary study plan.
The Princeton Review's Free Practice Exam
This exam is fairly representative of the actual LSAT. Although the games are not quite as difficult as the real thing, it's worth taking.
Kaplan's Free Practice Exam
More or less identical to Princeton's exam. A good resource if you're starting out, but probably not terribly useful once you have a few official exams under your belt.
Recommended (Or At Least Decent) Commercial Books
LSAC's Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests
These are the bread and butter of your preparation. There are several of these books, each with ten different, previously administered tests. You can also buy individual additional tests. Each test is numbered and represents an actual exam that was administered in the last ten years.
PowerScore Bibles
David Killoran, a twenty-year veteran of LSAT preparation, has been writing these content-rich guides for nearly 15 years. He devotes one bible to each section of the test. We particularly like the logical reasoning and logical games primers.
Testmasters 67 Actual LSAT Prep Tests
Testmasters sells all 67 of the LSAC exams bundled into one book (priced at $300).
Cambridge LSAT Series
A comprehensive set of strategy guides.
Manhattan LSAT
From the makers of the Manhattan GRE and GMAT series comes this take on the LSAT. The Manhattan folks are notoriously fastidious, which can be a mixed blessing. They are good at creating taxonomies of question types, so check these out if you want a stronger grasp on all the content.
Princeton Review's Cracking the LSAT
This standard text offers six adequate practice exams, and a strong section on reading comprehension and games.
The Test Day Experience
LSAC's Overview of Test Day
Some Common Sense Advice
LSAT Blogs and Communities
A Good Blog Written by a Longtime NYC Tutor
A good general blog about all things LSAT.
The Blueprint Prep Blog
We like this company. Their blog pertains to the LSAT and the law school application process generally.
Lawschooli blog
We like these two tutors, and their blog is helpful. Check it out.
Admission Calculator
Calculate Your Chance of Admission at several schools based on your undergraduate GPA and LSAT score. A sobering reminder of how much the LSAT "matters."
The LSAT and Law School in the News
A Study on the Predictive Power of the LSAT
A Sobering but Thoughtful Article on the Legal Profession
LSAT test-takers continues to decline