The road to medical school is long, and the MCAT is one of its most formidable challenges. You will be relieved to know that what you learned in your premedical courses is actually on the test. But studying for the MCAT is more about taking that knowledge stored way back there in the nooks and crannies of your mind, bringing it to the fore, and then learning to twist and stretch it in the ways the MCAT tests. In reality, studying for the MCAT is no more (or less) difficult than spending late hours on a physics problem set or an entire weekend on an organic chemistry lab report. Just like these other tasks, the MCAT requires endurance and follow-through, but it becomes significantly more manageable when you work with a Cambridge Coaching MCAT tutor to apply a structured, systematic, and strategic approach to your studying.

Anyone can study hard - but the real key to MCAT success is learning to study smart. So, while all forms of MCAT preparation require you to crunch a lot of material, we focus on helping you to make strategic choices about your areas of focus at every step of the game. Each Cambridge Coaching tutor is a highly-skilled manager of your personal study process. He or she will do more than just target your weaknesses - your tutor’s goal is to identify the sections where you have the greatest potential for improvement, and teach you to wring every last point from them by creating the roadmap for your studying, and helping you stick to it. Right from the start, your tutor will create a customized syllabus for you, and will then modify that syllabus as needed. Please view a sample syllabus that describes our 16 session Comprehensive Package. While each Cambridge Coaching syllabus is different, this sample provides a detailed example of what our program entails.

If you’re worried about the new MCAT, don’t be.

You have probably heard about the new MCAT that made its debut in 2015. There has been a lot of concern about what changes have taken place and how they will impact medical training in the future. 

Here is what we do know about the new test:

  • The changes to the MCAT in 2015 were a great step in the direction of a more well-rounded medical education, one that touches on the basic principles of psychology, sociology, public health - all key aspects of sound medical training.
  • Questions about these new topics use standardized information about the social sciences that are relevant to medical practice, forcing medical school applicants to think more globally about medical care - rather than just focus on memorizing the facts about the hard sciences for the test. 
  • The risks associated with taking the new MCAT lie in the way the test will be scored. Calibrating how the new exam will be scored will undoubtedly take some time; the AAMC needs testing data to really fine-tune how MCAT scores are scaled.
  • The last time the old MCAT was issued was January 2015. Pay attention to the dates on your practice tests! 
  • Cambridge Coaching has been working with the AAMC and textbook providers to determine the best resources available. The Director of our MCAT program, Abdul El-Sayed, has revamped our MCAT curriculum accordingly, and we are working closely with all of our MCAT tutors to get them up to speed. When there are changes to tests, there’s one thing you can bank on: the smartest teachers will be the fastest in adjusting to the new information. That’s what you get with us.
Here are just some of the advantages of working with Cambridge Coaching:
  1. 1Strategic Preparation

    Even though the MCAT is a cornerstone of the medical school admissions process, most of our students maintain busy work schedules or course loads while they prepare. Our tutors can help you fit studying into your life. We are strategic interpreters of testing data, as well as efficient and effective teachers. We emphasize a highly structured and systematic study process—not merely reading more material—as the best path to a higher score.

  2. 2The Best-Compensated Tutors

    Unlike other companies, we place a heavy emphasis on tutors' pay and their professional development as teachers. As far as we are aware, our tutors earn the highest compensation—and the greatest share of company revenue—of any tutors in the industry. Although it seems like common sense that tutors are the most important part of a tutoring organization, most companies shortchange their tutors in order to reap greater profits. We consider our tutors to be our most important investment, and we have found that caring about our tutors allows us to hire and retain the very best.

  3. 3Customized Curricula

    National companies develop general curricula aimed at a broad population, the so called "average students." They don't tailor their curricula based on your needs because customization is expensive and time-consuming. We believe that a tailored program is a basic prerequisite for any effective tutoring relationship, particularly with MCAT students who are often juggling multiple priorities. We build each tutoring relationship around each unique student and we only work with students on a one-on-one basis. We typically meet with students once or twice per week for 2 hours per session. Between each meeting, we scrutinize student progress section-by-section and problem-by-problem.

  4. 4Data-Driven Approach

    We will show you how to categorize and track your progress, so that every choice we make about your preparation will flow from an increasingly refined catalog of historical data. We know where to go because we know every single place you've been. Our approach to data sets our team and our results apart.

    Our programs are intensive, but we've found that they actually minimize the stress of taking the MCAT. During the course of a Comprehensive Package, our students see between 2000 and 4000 questions, take no fewer than 8 practice exams, and study between 100 and 150 hours. We make sure that our students have raised their scores and maintained them before taking the official MCAT. It isn't a coincidence that our students consistently achieve outstanding results.

  5. 5Official Practice Material

    We rely on the series of 8 previously administered exams distributed by the Association of American Medical Colleges and The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam. We supplement official material with an evolving list of the secondary sources that we view to be the best means of mastering particular content and methodologies. Because we are not invested in selling any proprietary materials, we cherry-pick the best materials from as many sources as possible. Your syllabus will include homework, practice exams, and in-session drills derived from all of these resources.

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