Aaron C.


Aaron grew up in an apple picking part of Arkansas where he loved to make pies and cobblers. He attended the University of Arkansas where he learned more dessert recipes and spent most of his time musing at the writings of dead people. Aaron served as a student ambassador and writing tutor before graduating with a BA in Philosophy. Afterward, Aaron went on to Columbia Law School as a Butler Fellow. As a Harlan Fisk Stone Scholar, he now reads more writings by dead people as well as some living writers criticizing the dead.

With a deep 99th percentile score, a result of self-study, Aaron teaches the LSAT exclusively. He works with students of all experience levels and empathizes with the struggles most students face in raising their LSAT scores. Aaron has formulated comprehensive and tailored strategies to help students raise their scores—in some cases, by over 12 points! He likes to keep it simple by honing students’ skills for attacking the fundamental concepts tested on the LSAT. Aaron enjoys engaging students in a tutoring dialogue, asking questions so they can reason their own ways through the problems and demonstrate understanding.

In his free time, Aaron loves to cook, especially breakfast and pie, and watch sports.  Not to mention, he always seems ready to have his heart broken by Razorback football.

Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia Law School, JD
  • University of Arkansas, BA in Philosophy
  • Legal Studies
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Aaron planned my studies very efficiently. He tailored my assignments according to my strengths and weaknesses and focused on those areas as I developed basic skills. He always replied in a timely manner and was available if I ever needed to contact him. We went through a lot of material each session. I had a great experience with both my tutor and Cambridge. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Score went from 151 to 169."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Alissa, LSAT)