Abhiram (Abhi) is originally from Mumbai, India, where he received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering (with a focus towards polymer engineering and technology). During his undergraduate studies, he developed a passion for chemistry and graduated as a gold medalist and as the first in his class. He then decided to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Over the course of his PhD, he developed an environmentally friendly technology to separate individual proteins from cheese whey and milk that led to several patent applications. After about 5 years of eating and working with cheese, Abhi got his doctorate and moved to the Boston area to work for the biotechnology industry, where he works on challenging separation problems. 

During his graduate program, Abhi taught classes on chemical process control, where he earned the best teaching award, chosen by his students’ vote. His experience with undergraduate students led him to develop a passion for teaching and explaining science concepts. In addition to college level chemistry and mathematics, Abhi specializes in teaching chemical engineering courses.

Outside of work, Abhi loves travelling, exploring new cities and their history, hiking and being in nature, and of course, educating people about cheese, milk and whey proteins!

Education & Qualifications
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, PhD in Chemical Engineering
  • University of Mumbai (India), BS in Polymer Engineering and Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry