Alec, born in Tokyo to a French dad and an American mom, miraculously only speaks English. He attended Carnegie Mellon for his undergraduate education where he received a B.S. in Business Administration. In his final year of undergrad, he stumbled upon Freud and Marx, inspiring an abrupt change of course. Alec then spent the next year starting and finishing a B.A. in Philosophy at CMU. After he finally left CMU – having been admitted to the history, business, and all-discipline academic honor societies – Alec continued on to UChicago in order to pursue an M.A. in the Humanities. There, he focused on social and political theory, considering issues in meta-ethics and analytical jurisprudence. In these philosophical escapades, Alec discovered that although his knowledge of foreign languages was tragically inadequate, he ought to be pleased with having discovered the meaning of life in a mere matter of years (this claim has yet to be verified). 

Alec enjoys discussing a variety of philosophical themes. He has also worked with unemployed and homeless veterans, designing and directing personal and professional development workshops. In addition, Alec has mentored students academically and professionally outside the classroom through student organizations and other venues.

When off duty, Alec enjoys reading fiction, swimming, and running. Also, as much as possible, he nurtures a long-lasting love for Hip-Hop, Jazz, and New Orleans R&B.

Education & Qualifications
  • University of Chicago, MA in Humanities

  • Carnegie Melon University, BS in Business Administration

  • Carnegie Melon University, BA in Philosophy

  • Philosophy
  • SAT
  • SSAT
  • ISEE