Alex S.


Alex started tutoring at age ten, when she made her younger brother recite times tables; she takes full credit that he’s now majoring in math. Continuing in this spirit of teaching and learning, she spent most of her time as an undergraduate at Brown in the newsroom of the Brown Daily Herald, where she was the Managing Editor, in charge of mentoring and editing writers in the paper’s news section. After graduating magna cum laude with a degree in History, Alex moved to England to attend the University of Oxford as a Baker Scholar, where she researched 1960s computer art and earned a master’s degree in Science and Technology Studies. She now studies Art History at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts.

Alex has worked with students of all ages to translate ideas into essays, tackle reading assignments, and improve intellectual confidence. She welcomes students who want to dive deeper into Expository Writing, English Literature, American/European/World History, and Art History. After working as an editor and hosting writing workshops for student journalists at Brown, she especially loves to work on writing for course assignments or applications. 

In her spare time, Alex enjoys going to art museums, playing tennis, and taking long walks around New York City.


Education & Qualifications
  • NYU's Institute of Fine Arts, MA in History of Art
  • University of Oxford, MA in Science and Technology Studies
  • Brown University, BA in History
  • Art History
  • History
  • Expository Writing
  • College Admissions
  • Graduate Admissions