Alexander B.


When Alexander was in high school he became the first and only student to complete every available mathematics class, which forced the school to create a new class, Calculus 3, so he could continue his studies during his senior year. He carried this love of mathematics with him to Wells College in upstate New York where he graduated in two years with a bachelors in Physics and a minor in mathematics, while founding the Physics club and serving as the captain of the schools NCAA volleyball team. He then entered Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science as a member of the combined plan where he earned a second bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics with a minor in Computer Science, while still finding time to play volleyball and present original research at two American Physical Society conferences. Alexander is currently enrolled in the M.S./PhD program at Columbia University studying Plasma Physics. He hopes to use this education to conduct fusion energy research with a focus in active plasma control in tokamak devices.

Alexander is currently the teaching assistant in APMAE 4200 Partial Differential equations at Columbia University. His focus is to make a subject that may seem complicated and unintuitive accessible to students from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Alexander hopes to take this focus of spreading comprehension and appreciation of mathematics and physical science to his future tutoring opportunities.

When Alexander is not in the lab or library he enjoys playing volleyball or basketball as well as being outdoors fishing and backpacking.  

Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia University, MS/PhD in Plasma Physics
  • Columbia University, BS in Applied Physics
  • Wells College, BS in Physics
  • Physics
  • Mathematics