Alexander E.


Alexander was born and raised in Germany before moving to Corvallis, Oregon in 2000. Because the Oregon Ducks are clearly better than the Beavers, he went to the University of Oregon. Alexander participated in college debate for three years, ultimately winning third place at the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence in 2015. He graduated cum laude with a major in political science and minors in philosophy and comparative literature. He is currently pursuing his J.D. at Harvard Law School.

Alexander coached high school debate for five years in both a volunteer and professional capacity, and received an award for his outstanding coaching. He loves working with students and delights in their successes: one of the high school teams he coached is currently ranked #3 in the country in policy debate. He also served as a note taker for students with disabilities during his time at the UO. Alexander’s areas of expertise include nuclear politics, foreign policy, political theory, and modernist philosophy. At Cambridge Coaching, he specializes in tutoring the LSAT.

When he isn’t studying or working, Alexander enjoys all things gym-related, watching various sports events, eating any and all good food (which necessitates his enjoyment of all things gym-related), and reading. 

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Law School, JD Candidate
  • University of Oregon Clark Honors College, BA in Political Science 
  • LSAT
  • Law School Admissions
  • Political Science
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Alexander was an excellent tutor and working with him was awesome. I had already taken the LSAT but was uncertain what my areas of weakness were or how to best improve on my baseline score. Alexander worked with me to systematically identify where I was going wrong in all sections of the test. We spent the most time working through logic games and logical reasoning, where he was able to see the patterns of my mistakes and help me correct my flawed approaches to questions. We talked through the questions extensively, which was super helpful, to the point that I found myself justifying my answers during practice tests as I would justify them to him in prep sessions. I would not have noticed the patterns in my mistakes without his help nor been able to improve near as much. Alexander had a great grasp on the strategies, habits, and skills the LSAT tests for. Especially since I was already scoring relatively well, it was so helpful to work with Alexander one on one to make sure I was targeting the areas I still needed to polish rather than spending time learning the basics of the LSAT. With his help, I ultimately improved my score by over 10 points, bringing me to the score I was hoping for. Beyond the content of our sessions, Alexander was also great to work with as a person! He was patient and incredibly supportive, always taking the time to make sure I fully understood the concepts we discussed. He went above and beyond, even checking in with me when we were not actively working together. He was very flexible with scheduling and really made sure I was getting what I needed out of tutoring."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Morgan, LSAT)
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Alexander saw trends/themes in my performance, helped me set reasonable goals, and helped me approach the test in a more strategic manner. The tutoring helped me stay accountable during my preparation. Constant check-ins were nice. Gave lots of nice insight and helpful information."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Katherine, LSAT)