Alexander R.


Since graduating from Skidmore College with a BA in English Literature and a minor in fiction writing, Alex has been bouncing between the coasts, eventually settling in Boston. He started out working as a Linux systems administrator at a neuroimaging facility in Charlestown, MA, where he discovered his passion for building efficient, well-designed, and maintainable software.  Since then, he has worked in a variety of industries as a full-stack software developer. Currently he is a self-employed software consultant working in a variety of programming languages and technical stacks.  Additionally, he is the co-founder of a record label and musical hardware company.

Alex has taught courses in Python and JavaScript to students of all ages, ranging from high schoolers to retirees.  Additionally, he has advocated for the institution of formal mentorship programs at the companies where he has worked, offering technical training and career guidance to junior and mid-level developers.  He specializes in JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and Linux systems administration, and is constantly experimenting with new programming languages and paradigms.

Outside of tutoring, you can find Alex recording albums with a variety of instruments, writing personal essays, reading works of political theory, and building his own musical equipment.  When he has free time and feels that he can provide widely applicable experience-based insight, he writes blog posts for his website and posts technical tutorials to his YouTube channel.


Education & Qualifications
  • Programmer and Consultant at University of Washington, multiple research labs
  • Code Fellows, Certificate in Full Stack JavaScript
  • Skidmore College, BA in English
  • Computer Science