Analisa grew up in Iowa City, IA where she spent afterschool hours running cross-country and going on the road with the high school math club. She went on to study Materials Science as an undergrad at MIT. While learning the fundamentals in class, she worked at the MIT Media Lab, where she developed a passion for tinkering with electronics. She also played clarinet in the MIT Wind Ensemble.

Analisa then took her interests in materials and circuits to the University of Illinois, where she completed a PhD in Materials Science in 2015. Her research focused on silver ink for printed circuit boards. During the last year of grad school, she teamed up with two lab-mates to launch the company Circuit Scribe. The company’s flagship product is a conductive ink pen for drawing circuits on paper; it has applications in education, prototyping, and electronic art. The team launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that received over 12,000 preorders for Circuit Scribe kits. Today the kits can be found in many retail stores in the US. Analisa was co-founder and director of product development for three years, and is currently an advisor to the company. During her time at Circuit Scribe, she regularly mentored high school and college age interns in circuit design and curriculum writing.

Now back in Cambridge, Analisa is still pursuing her interest in education technology. Outside of work, she’s in the woodshop learning to make furniture, at the climbing gym, or playing board games with friends.

Education & Qualifications
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PhD in Materials Science & Engineering
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS in Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mathematics