Andrew M.


As a youngster in Ontario, Canada, Andrew always felt lost in French class, intimidated by the initial difficulties of language learning. However, when he went to live and study in Paris for his junior year of college, he fell in love with the language and intellectual culture. He now possesses a Ph.D. in French from NYU, speaks fluent French and Spanish and reads Old French. His experience struggling with language acquisition inspired him to devote himself to helping others facing the same difficulties and to spreading his knowledge of the French language and world to others. He has since taught language and French literature/culture classes to a wide variety of students, from adult professionals to ESL students to high-schoolers, both individually and at NYU and Fordham.

Though he specialized in Medieval French literature, Andrew has a broad knowledge of French arts and the Humanities more generally. He has studied the nouveau roman and the nouvelle vague, Franco-Caribbean literature, the Haitian Revolution, Decadence and Naturalism. He has participated in research projects, academic conferences and served as a guest scholar at the prestigious ENS-Lyon. Whether you’re looking to do better in your French class, deepen your appreciation of French cinema, literature or society or just looking to brush up your conversational skills in preparation for a trip to a French-speaking country, Andrew will tailor lessons to your needs.

Education & Qualifications
  • New York University, PhD in French Literature
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, BS in French and Comparative Literature
  • French
  • Expository Writing & the Essay