Though she was born in Boston, Angie grew up in Portland, Oregon, and enjoys all things Pacific Northwest. She graduated as a double major in Political Science and Law, Societies, and Justice from the University of Washington, and also minored in Education, Learning, and Society. After completing her undergraduate degree, she went to Harvard Law School, where she is now a third year student.

As someone who has always been interested in education, Angie has served in several capacities related to tutoring. She volunteered with several after school programs geared towards students of various age groups, and especially enjoyed learning to be patient when working with first graders. She is currently involved with two educational non-profits, where she serves as both a college admissions essay reader and a student mentor. Her personal experience makes her very comfortable working with students interested in taking the LSAT and applying to law school, along with high school students preparing for the ACT.

Outside of tutoring and law school, Angie enjoys watching copious amounts of TV and eating all food in sight.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Law School, JD candidate
  • University of Washington, BA in Political Science and Law, Societies, & Justice; minor in Education
  • LSAT
  • JD Admissions
  • ACT