Anusha N.


Hailing from the beautiful state of Maryland, Anusha grew up dancing, playing the flute, and bothering her parents by always asking, “why?” She took this curiosity with her across the coast and graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Bioengineering in 2018. In her time there, she was initiated into the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society and awarded the Caltech Deans’ Cup. After graduation, she performed computational and wet lab research at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer, where she studied mitochondrial dynamics and mechanisms of metastasis in pancreatic and lung cancer cells. She decided that year-round sun was a little too much for her, so she left southern California and is currently a first-year medical student in the Health Sciences and Technology program at Harvard Medical School and MIT. Anusha is interested in working at the intersection of engineering and medicine as a physician- scientist, and, as part of her medical studies, is working on rational vaccine design for HIV at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard. 

Anusha is highly motivated and excited to help other students at all levels achieve their academic and professional goals. Throughout college, she was a teaching assistant for a computational biology laboratory class and a molecular biology class. She also tutored for various chemistry, biology, mathematics, and engineering courses. After college, she tutored students in a diverse array of high school subjects and mentored students applying to medical school, all to excellent results. Her tutoring specialties include biology, chemistry, mathematics, the MCAT, Python programming, and medical school admissions counseling. 

In her free time, Anusha is an active member of a couple of dance teams in the greater Boston area, learns languages, and enjoys exploring all that New England has to offer. In fact, you can often find her on a Bluebike traversing the Massachusetts Avenue bridge. 

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Medical School, MD Candidate (HST)
  • The California Institute of Technology, BS in Bioengineering
  • MCAT
  • MD Admissions
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics