Arian is originally from Potomac Maryland, 20 minutes outside of DC. He is a big numbers guy, with experience across a variety of fields in the industry. After he graduated high school, he attended the George Washington University. He spent his first 2 years finishing pre-med coursework and doing research with bees before realizing his true calling was statistics. He graduated in 2018, and began his masters degree in Statistics at Columbia University the same year. Arian has been tutoring statistics and math for over 4 years. He was the official tutor for the GWU statistics department for the second half of his undergraduate career. He has worked with hundreds of students, ranging from people who hate math to physics majors, and always makes it a priority to cater his teaching style to his students learning style.

In his spare time, you can find him making models to predict who will win the Stanley Cup and NCAA March Madness, so he can rub it in his friends faces. He also loves to play soccer and have a beer on the weekends.

Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia University, MS in Statistics Candidate
  • The George Washington University, BS in Statistics
  • Statistics & Probability