Arting was born in Taiwan, but spent her high school and college years in California. She graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley with degrees in business and psychology, and while there, was especially passionate about competing in case competitions. She was captain of the team at Berkeley and won 3+ national championships and 10+ regional championships. After graduation, Arting headed to New York where she worked at J.P.Morgan as an investment banker in the M&A group, and then transitioned into private equity at AEA Investors, where she worked for the past two years before attending Harvard Business School. In between, Arting also spent time in Dallas, TX and Newport Beach, CA, working with AEA's portfolio companies on the ground. Currently, Arting is working on completing her MBA and plans to return to AEA Investors as a Vice President in their consumer investing practice.

Arting has been tutoring students and coaching admissions since her college years.  She has primarily worked with students in high school and above, specializing in business and psychology. She has also worked closely with students on admissions strategies, especially on personal statement coaching and brand crafting for college and graduate admissions. Arting gained admission to both Harvard and Stanford's MBA programs, and can speak in particular to crafting applications around those two schools. Arting is also able to provide interview preparation for financial services careers in investment banking and private equity.

In her spare time, Arting enjoys golfing, equestrian sports, eating her way through Boston, traveling with her friends and family, and obsessing over TV shows like Killing Eve and Game of Thrones.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Business School, MBA Candidate
  • University of California, BS in Business Administration and a BA in Psychology  
  • Business
  • Mathematics 
  • Psychology 
  • Chinese