Ben W.


Ben was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. He went to school at Williams College, where he majored in biology and concentrated in neuroscience. During his undergraduate years, Ben carried out several neurobiology research projects, including a senior thesis on dopamine and its relation to behavior in fruit flies. Outside of his studies, Ben played on the Williams Men’s Lacrosse team and was the founder of the school’s fishing club. He graduated in 2019, winning an award for excellence in the biology major and earning highest honors on his thesis. After college, Ben moved to Boston, where he worked in psychiatry clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital and co-authored numerous research articles. Ben is now pursuing an MD degree at Harvard Medical School.

Ben’s tutoring days began at Williams, where he provided friends and other peers with both MCAT and general medical school-related advice. Since graduating from college, he has been working as a formal tutor for pre-medical students. Ben’s strengths include biology, biochemistry, psychology, and neuroscience. He especially enjoys helping students succeed on the MCAT and has a wealth of medical school admissions tips to share!

In his free time, Ben enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing pickup basketball, and competing against friends in chess.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Medical School, MD Candidate
  • Williams College, BA in Biology
  • Biology
  • MCAT