Brian is a native of Long Island and began tutoring in high school. He worked with high school juniors studying calculus, second and third graders with special needs on their homework, and with a range of students and subjects in between. At Dartmouth, Brian worked as an assistant teacher (“drill instructor”) for undergraduate Italian language courses, and continued tutoring. Since graduating, he has returned to Dartmouth in the summers to teach for the Rassias Foundation's Accelerated Language Program, as both an assistant and master teacher of Italian.

After three years in the Institutional Equities division at Morgan Stanley in New York, Brian happily returned to the humanities, pursuing an M.A. in Italian Studies at NYU's Villa La Pietra campus in Florence, Italy. Upon finishing his masters, Brian spent another year working before returning to NYU to pursue his Ph.D in Italian Studies. Currently in doctoral coursework, Brian is funded as a MacCracken Fellow and teaches undergraduate Italian language courses.

Brian loves to write, talk, and dance. He is passionate about traveling, sunshine, cinema, and dark chocolate.

Education & Qualifications
  • NYU, PhD Candidate in Italian
  • Dartmouth College, BA Comparative Literature
  • Art History
  • Creative Writing
  • Expository Writing
  • Italian
  • Admissions Coaching (College)