Brian De.


Brian graduated summa cum laude as an economics major from the University of New Hampshire. At graduation, he was honored as a class marshal, awarded to the two students with the highest GPAs (3.99/4.00) in their respective colleges. Brian now works in Human Resources in the Boston area, and plans to attend law school in the future.

At Cambridge Coaching, Brian’s core strength is tutoring the LSAT. He loves tutoring the LSAT because helping students reach a goal that might help them get into the school of their dreams is tremendously fulfilling. While the LSAT might seem daunting, Brian helps his students to understand that it is an extremely learnable test. Brian has a unique approach to Logical Reasoning questions as well as clear explanations and advice for all three sections. In addition to tutoring the LSAT, Brian has taught classes on research and professional development to first year students at the University of New Hampshire. 

In his free time, Brian likes watching and playing sports, listening to podcasts, and training for half marathons.

Education & Qualifications
  • The University of New Hampshire, BA in Economics
  • LSAT