Brooke T.


Born and raised in landlocked CO, being a marine biologist might not have seemed like the most natural career for Brooke; but the fascination and adventure of exploration in the sea was too overpowering for her to ignore. Growing up, everything Brooke did was centered around being close to water: she set up learning experiences for the local community about the town watershed, devoted 8 years to rowing, and planned numerous beach vacations. Brooke continued these pursuits at Cornell, where she majored in biological sciences with a focus in marine biology. She is now an Organismic and Evolutionary Biology PhD student at Harvard University, where her focus is deep sea molecular biology. 

At Cornell, Brooke tutored and taught a wide range of biology classes, including biochemistry, cell development, embryology, comparative physiology, evolution, and oceanography. She was promoted to head tutor during her first semester tutoring at Cornell, and received the Learning Strategies Center Award for Innovation and Initiative in tutoring. She has continued tutoring and teaching professionally while she earns her PhD.  

During the pandemic, Brooke learned how to cook and how to edit videos! She now runs a cooking channel on Instagram called @cook_w_brooke where she posts about all her gluten free cooking experiences. She also enjoys lifting, cycling, rowing, and yoga. She loves a good adventure, so she’s been skydiving and parasailing - hopefully, she’ll be able to even go to space one day! 


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD Candidate in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
  • Cornell University, BS in Biological Science 
  • Biology