Campbell hails from the state of California and has recently made the move to the east coast. He attended Vassar College where he received a BA in education. While at Vassar, Campbell was a student athlete, eventually becoming captain of the fencing team.

Campbell has been tutoring his peers since elementary school. During his freshman year at Vassar, he started tutoring students in standardized test preparation. He tutored the ACT and SAT intensively each summer to finetune his teaching strategies, understand testing trends, and create personalized syllabi. After graduation, having discovered his passion for tutoring, he went on to become a professional tutor in California and more recently in Boston.

At Cambridge Coaching, he excels at tutoring standardized tests and helping his students receive notable score improvements. With a reputation for making tutoring far more enjoyable than students expect it to be, he makes long tutoring sessions fly by.  He is currently at work on a forthcoming book about the ACT.

Outside of tutoring, Campbell likes to stay active by fencing, running, hiking, and exploring Boston.


Education & Qualifications
  • Vassar College, BA in Education 
  • SAT
  • ACT 
  • PSAT