Catherine W.


Cathy grew up in Katy, Texas, a city best known for boasting the widest highway in the country (a whopping 26 lanes). She attended Rice University, where she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and graduated magna cum laude in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. While in college, she enjoyed studying embryonic neural crest development in chicks and working as an EMT. She then moved to Boston to experience snow and pursue her MD degree at Harvard Medical School.

Cathy has been tutoring both formally and informally since high school, with experience teaching everything from elementary math to graduate level biochemistry. She approaches each student as a unique individual, assessing strengths and crafting personalized study plans to help each student target their weaknesses. Her specialty areas include biology and biochemistry, chemistry, and MCAT preparation. 

During her free time, Cathy can be found napping, practicing martial arts, or playing video games.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Medical School, MD Candidate¬†
  • Rice University, BS in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • MCAT