Charlotte was born in Utah, grew up in England, and has lived in Mexico, Peru, and Chile. She holds a B.A. with first class honors and distinction in English and Spanish from Oxford University, an M.A. in Hispanic Studies from Brown, and a postgraduate certificate in translation from the University of Warwick.

While at Oxford, she received a Heath Harrison Traveling Scholarship for a year of study in Peru, and wrote a thesis on Peruvian avant-garde poet César Vallejo, which earned a distinction from the evaluating committee. At Brown, she received the prestigious Joukowsky Presidential Fellowship, a Kenyon Research fellowship, the Kossoff Prize for Leadership in Language Teaching, and a Tinker Field Research Grant for travel to Argentina. Charlotte has published articles on Latin American literature and culture, and translations of poetry from the Southern Cone.

Charlotte taught Spanish language at all levels at Brown. She also worked as a consultant at Brown’s Writing Center, where she coached undergraduate and graduate students on their writing in a variety of disciplines, in both English and Spanish. In addition, she served as a Teaching Consultant at Brown’s Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, helping instructors in all fields to improve their teaching skills. Prior to starting graduate study, Charlotte taught and interpreted for the British Council in Santiago, Chile.

Charlotte spent four years as a member of the faculty of York School, an independent preparatory school in Monterey, California, where she taught Spanish language and literature at multiple levels. She prepared students for the AP in Spanish language, and designed a new advanced curriculum that included courses on modern Mexican culture and literature and the fantastic literature of South America. She believes her students at York are some of the only American students to have read all of Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude in the original as a high school assignment.

In her free time Charlotte can be found reading, cooking, translating poetry, exploring New York, and playing with her cats, Herman and Franzi.

Education & Qualifications
  • Oxford University, BA English & Spanish
  • Brown University, M.A. Hispanic Studies
  • Recipient, Kossoff Prize for Leadership in Language Teaching
  • Creative Writing
  • English
  • ESL
  • Expository Writing
  • Spanish
  • Admissions coaching (College, HS, JD, MBA)
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "I think overall I appreciated the flexibility of the coaches because I worked full time. Charlotte was great in making me think about my learned experiences from my life and past activities. Charlotte was on point, focused and never wasted time during our sessions. I was invited to interview at 13 schools."
    Testimonial Source: 
    Melissa, MD applicant
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "[What did your tutor do well?] Grammatical suggestions, speaking slowly in order to be understood, familiarity with Spanish and Latin American literature and politics."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Lynne, Spanish)