Christina S.


Christina is a postdoctoral fellow and instructor in the Section of Community Behavioral Health at Rush University Medical Center. She received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a minor in civic engagement from UCLA. She graduated with her MA/PhD in clinical-community psychology from DePaul University. She has taught several undergraduate courses including Introduction to psychology, careers in psychology, and trauma of psychology.  

Christina completed her clinical residency in the University of Pennsylvania Health System providing outpatient, inpatient, psycho-oncology, and consult liaison services. Christina currently provides clinical and consultative services in community-based organizations partnered with Rush. Her research interests include prevention and intervention services for survivors of trauma. She is able to provide mentorship and support to undergraduate and graduate students in psychology and related fields (public health, social work) regarding admissions, coursework, examinations, and theses/dissertations.    

Education & Qualifications
  • Rush University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services, Rush
    Medical College, Postdoctoral Fellow & Instructor
  • DePaul University, PhD in Clinical-Community Psychology
  • DePaul University, MA in Clinical-Community Psychology
  • University of California Los Angeles, BA in Psychology, Civic Engagement
  • Psychology
  • Graduate Admissions