Claire L.


Claire was born and raised in San Francisco, CA, by two public defenders. Determined to avoid the family profession, Claire attended UC Santa Barbara for college, where she explored her passion for literature and developed a healthy fear of surfing. After graduating with highest honors and with distinction in the English major, Claire went on to work for a respected plaintiff’s firm back in San Francisco, a job which convinced her that the legal field was the right place to pursue a career. Claire is now a Vanderbilt Scholar at NYU Law working to carry on the family business by becoming a public defender.

After an arduous journey that eventually resulted in a 176 on the LSAT, Claire is determined to help others save time and effort by using more efficient study strategies. She has extensive experience working with students one on one, and has worked with a range of ages, from middle schoolers to law students. Claire is also passionate about helping aspiring law students through the admissions process, from discovering which law school best fits their needs, to tailoring a personal statement and figuring out how to highlight their best qualities in an application. Claire is also skilled at explaining complicated legal concepts and breaking them down into understandable chunks.

In her free time, Claire can be found cooking, drawing, trying to find the motivation to go jogging and seeking out the best soup dumplings in Flushing.

Education & Qualifications
  • New York University School of Law, JD Candidate
  • University of California, Santa Barbara, BA in English
  • LSAT
  • Law School Admissions
  • Legal Studies