Cyrus A.


Cyrus is currently a second-year medical student at Harvard Medical School in the MD-PhD program. Previously, he graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. As an undergraduate student, Cyrus undertook research in translational nuclear medicine with a focus on neurological imaging. He subsequently attended the University of Oxford where he graduated with High Distinction in the study of evidence-based social policy and intervention. During his time at Oxford, Cyrus completed a thesis titled “Medicaid Expansion Saves Lives in Cities: A Generalized Synthetic Control Study of Urban Mortality in the American Northeast.” 

Over the course of his academic career, Cyrus has worked in several mentoring roles. He was a major advisor on behalf of the political science department at UPenn. Currently, he serves as a non-residential tutor at Adams and Mathers House at Harvard College. Cyrus is also a peer mentor for the MediMent Program and HOPE Scholars Program; both of which involve his guiding pre-medical students along their journey towards applying to medical school. Otherwise, while at Oxford, Cyrus worked for the FELLOWS Program, through the program, Cyrus led ESL courses for immigrant workers and students in the surrounding region. 

In his free time, Cyrus is an avid soccer, football, and basketball player. He also enjoys hikes and outdoor time. Cyrus also remains interested in public policy and political theory; he spends his free time reading contemporary political philosophy works from authors such as Nozick, Rawls.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Medical School, MD/PhD Candidate in Epidemiology
  • University of Oxford, St. Catherine's College, MS in Evidence-Based Social Policy Intervention & Policy Evaluation
  • University of Pennsylvania, BA in Political Science 
  • Biology
  • Medicine/Health
  • Political Science
  • Software
  • Statistics
  • Farsi