Daljit is originally from Leeds, U.K. He is an avid Manchester United fan which is not a cool thing being from Leeds! Daljit graduated from Nottingham Trent University with an MChem in Medicinal Chemistry. After spending a grueling four years at the University of Warwick, he completed a PhD program in Organic Chemistry. During his PhD research, he obtained a Further Adult Education Teaching Certificate, which allowed him to supervise undergraduate lab sessions as well as grade student’s experimental write-ups. He then ventured over to this side of the pond as he was intrigued to sample life in Science research in the United States. Once here, there was no looking back! He has had several postdoctoral positions at different Universities throughout the country, which has provided him and his family the opportunity to explore the geographical diversity of the United States. Daljit moved to Boston in 2015 to take a Research Scientist position at Northeastern University, where he made significant progress on a Tuberculosis project. The transition from academia to industry was made last year, where he is currently employed as a Medicinal Chemist at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals.

Daljit has been a tutor for two years and has worked with a number of undergraduate students. His core strength is Organic Chemistry. His teaching style focuses on ensuring that the student grasps the fundamental concepts and learns how to apply these in the context of problem solving. He places a lot of emphasis on working through exam questions. This style has served him well as he has helped his students achieve the grades they were seeking as well as exceed their own expectations.

Daljit has a hectic schedule outside of work and tutoring. He has a strong passion for tennis as he plays several times a week and will participate in USTA sanctioned tournaments from time to time. He also has a love for Indian classical music and has played an Indian musical instrument called the Tabla since the age of seven years old. He performs Tabla duty by accompanying other musicians at the local Sikh temple in Boston every Sunday morning.  

Education & Qualifications
  • University of Warwick (UK), PhD in Organic Chemistry
  • Nottingham Trent University (UK), MChem in Medicinal Chemistry
  • Chemistry