Danny was born in the town of Midland, Michigan: home of Dow Chemical. The son of two PhD chemists and the brother of a chemist and a chemical engineer, Danny rebuked a life of test tubes and polymers and instead pursued a degree in the ever exciting world of physics. Graduating from MIT with an impressive 5.0 GPA, Danny turned his focus from astrophysics to medical physics, where he sought apply his skillset to improving human health. Having enrolled for his PhD in Harvard’s Biophysics program and the Harvard-MIT Department of Health Science & Technology’s Medical Physics program, Danny quickly found a home in medical imaging. Working on the prototype simultaneous PET/MR system, the BrainPET, Danny has coauthored a number of papers exploring the utility provided by this exciting new technology. Similarly, he built a MATLAB-based environment that aided researches in the analysis of their data.

Danny has always enjoyed teaching. During college and graduate school Danny was the head lecturer for an accredited Physics course taught at MIT. Similarly, he has assisted in teaching Respiratory Pathophysiology at Harvard Medical School for the last six years.

While enrolled in his PhD, Danny’s clinical experience has convinced him to pursue his medical doctorate and expand his role in patient care. As a second year student at Harvard Medical School he can currently be found studying in the library, analyzing data in lab, or on his way to meet you for your tutoring session.

Education & Qualifications
  • MD Candidate at Harvard Medical School 
  • PhD in Biophysics, Harvard University
  • BS in Physics, MIT
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics