Daniel P.


Daniel is originally from Manchester, England and started studying Classics aged 11 when a course in Ancient Greek mythology sparked his interest in the ancient world. Having been studying Latin from the age of 12 and Greek from the age of 13, he simply never stopped! He attended the University of Oxford for his Undergraduate and MA in Classics and then went on to the University of Cambridge to gain a further qualification in teaching Classical subjects to students aged 11-18; his dissertation at Cambridge on the usage of video in the classroom was published in the Journal of Classical Teaching shortly after his graduation. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Classics at Fordham University and teaches part-time for the university.

Daniel’s six year career in teaching in England saw him teach Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History at a variety of schools, including one where he was appointed to be Chair of the Classics Department. He was also appointed Director of the National Classical Summer School at Repton, for which he returns to England on an annual basis. During his career, Daniel has taught a variety of ages, from elementary school to adult and everything in between, writing linguistic and non-linguistic courses on topics ranging from Beginners’ Latin or Greek to Alexander the Great to the Fall of the Roman Republic. 

In his spare time Daniel is a big fan of board games, trading card games and cricket (as is expected of a true Englishman) and he is also very involved in leading services at his local synagogue.

Education & Qualifications
  • Fordham University, PhD candidate in Classics
  • University of Oxford, M.A. in Classics
  • University of Cambridge, PGCE in Teaching Classics
  • Classics
  • History
  • Latin