Darryl M.


Darryl grew up in San Francisco, where he spent the greater part of the 2010s cheering on the Giants and Warriors as they won several championships. Inspired by biology but unsure of what career path he wanted to pursue, he engaged in metabolic research and clinical volunteering throughout his undergraduate studies. Darryl graduated from UC Berkeley with high honors (3.91/4.0 GPA) in immunology and spent two years doing research in immunology at UCSF. He soon found that his passion lies in medicine, leading him to stay at UCSF to pursue an MD.

Darryl has been teaching over the years in various settings to different audiences, from curious science museums goers to undergraduates learning in a biology lab course. He has also tutored in biochemistry and mentored a high school student getting started in research. His strengths include biology and biochemistry, as well as understanding how to parse through passages on the MCAT to reason through answers with less memorization. 

When not studying, Darryl enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the Bay Area and finding the more underrated restaurants of San Francisco. He also enjoys spending time with his family and chasing his dog around the city.

Education & Qualifications
  • University of California, San Francisco, MD Candidate
  • University of California, Berkeley, BA in Molecular and Cell Biology: Immunology
  • MCAT