My name is Diego, I am an economics PhD student at University of Sussex in the UK. I started my doctoral studies at University College London, where I also did a Master’s in Economic Policy in 2014. Prior to that I completed another Mater’s in Economics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Before starting graduate studies in the UK I worked for the government providing economic advice and did my undergraduate studies in Mexico City, where I am originally from.

This year, I will be a helping teach the course “Principles of Economics” at the University of Sussex, a one-year course designed to give undergraduate students the foundations of both microeconomics and macroeconomics. I have a background in economics (micro, macro and econometrics) and I enjoy teaching very much.

I hope that I help you find economics to be relevant, intellectually stimulating and manageable for whatever is your purpose.

Education & Qualifications
  • University College London and University of Sussex, PhD Candidate in Economics 
  • University College London, MA in Economic Policy 
  • London School of Economics, MA in Economics and Philosophy
  • ITAM, BS in Economics
  • Economics
  • Statistics