Elizabeth B.


Beth grew up near Boston without any idea of becoming a doctor. Now, several cities and a variety of professions later, she has found herself back in Boston pursuing a medical degree. Beth attended Washington University in St. Louis and graduated magna cum laude, majoring in neuroscience-philosophy-psychology. Afterwards, she taught ESL in France for one year, and then worked as a behavioral therapist for children with Autism. It was in the course of doing this work that she realized she wanted to be a physician. After enrolling in a post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University, joining a major aid organization in Haiti, and completing a year of scribe work at a local Boston hospital, she is now an MD candidate at Boston University School of Medicine. 

Beth has worked professionally as a teacher for years with middle and high school students, and was a teaching assistant while in college. As a teacher, Beth has discovered important ways to be a successful student: learn with others, learn efficiently, and maintain personal life balance. With these values in mind, she particularly enjoys helping students to prepare for the MCAT. 

Beth prioritizes free time as much as working time. She loves swimming, traveling, and taking pictures with her giant dog, Teddy.

Education & Qualifications
  • Boston University School of Medicine, MD Candidate
  • Washington University in St. Louis, BA in Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology
  • MCAT
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Beth was very understanding of the position I was in and reassured me that all of the stress I was feeling was just a part of the process. She immediately understood what I needed and was instrumental in helping me brush up on certain high-yield topics and be able to apply them to questions that I would see on test day. She helped me hone my test-taking skills specifically for the MCAT and aided me in "thinking like the test makers". We were always able to cover any practice exam questions I had sent her and do various areas of topic review. I always felt accomplished after my two hour sessions with Beth. In fact, I really looked forward to our sessions. I would send Beth questions ahead of time for us to review and she was always prepared with detailed answers and alternate ways of explaining certain topics. She would also send me various free resources and review guides I could use between our sessions to aid my studying. Even though I only worked with Beth and Cambridge Coaching for a month, it was exactly what I needed to achieve my goal score of 510. She really helped me focus all my attention towards the MCAT and provided me with the tools I needed to do well on test day. She always encouraged me to provide suggestions and to e-mail or text her if I thought there was anything she could be doing better. However, I was very happy with the way Beth approached concepts and her ability to adapt when there was a topic I didn't understand. The Cambridge Coaching admin staff was exceptional. Martha was able to set me up with Beth the day I called and recognized the time crunch I was in. I had reached out to another tutoring company that seemed to be more motivated by money than my success. When I called Cambridge and spoke with Martha, I could tell that I was speaking to a real person that genuinely cared about me achieving my goal. I felt welcomed and knew that with this company and these tutors that I would be on the right path. I would recommend Cambridge Coaching and Beth to anyone who is preparing for the MCAT. It was an absolute pleasure working with this company and Beth! Score went from 498 to 512."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Mia, MCAT)