Elliot is a transplant from sunny and warm California.  He bid farewell to the West Coast seven years ago when he moved to Cambridge to study Biology at MIT.  After graduating, Elliot was a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. He moved to England for two years to pursue an MSc by Research in Clinical Medicinat Oxford University.  He is now back in Boston and continues to conduct immunology research as a student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology MD-PhD program.

Elliot has previously taught immunology to high school students with the MIT Educational Studies Program, and is well versed in the undergraduate, medical, and fellowship application processes.  His major academic areas include biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, as well as test preparation.  At Cambridge Coaching, he specializes in tutoring the MCAT -- he can tailor a plan to fit every MCAT taker's timeline and needs.

In his spare time, Elliot enjoys playing ice hockey, learning new sports (recently squash!), and trying to keep up his French.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Medical School, Health Sciences and Technology, Candidate for MD/PhD, Medical Scientist Training Program
  • University of Oxford, St. John’s College, MSc by Research in Clinical Medicine, Rhodes Scholarship
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BSc in Biology, Minor in French
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics & Probability
  • MCAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Elliot was probably the best tutor I could ask for! He is incredibly patient and is always rooting for you. He was readily able to answer all of my questions, no matter the subject area, and go beyond the surface level information I needed. What really made the difference for me was how easily Elliot was able to explain concepts that at once can seem really jarring and boil them down to core concepts while demonstrating how to apply them in various cases. After every session, I walked away with a very clear idea of what I had learned and how I could apply it moving forward."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Nillani, MCAT)
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    "Elliot was wonderful to work with! He developed each of his lesson plans around what I specifically needed. I began with Elliot half way through my MCAT studying experience and can say, with confidence, he helped me boost my score significantly. I was not sure if virtual lessons would work for me, but Elliot made these lessons convenient and worth my while. His lessons had the perfect balance of content review and answer strategizing. He answered questions clearly, was always available to help, and made sure I knew what I needed to work on. Elliot was able to keep me calm despite the uncertainty of testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. He kept me positive and dedicated throughout the process. It was really amazing to work with someone so supportive."
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    (Catherine, MCAT)
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    "Elliot is an amazing and supportive tutor who helps with far more than just the academic side of tutoring. He does a great job of connecting with his students— myself included— and helping manage the stressors of the MCAT and the intense grind of studying. He is of course quite skilled at teaching and going over all material which he is an adept master all around. He truly helped me reach my MCAT goals even in this stressful and uncertain world."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Jordan, MCAT)
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    "There aren't enough words to describe how grateful I am to have had Elliot as my MCAT tutor. He is not only INSANELY intelligent and capable of explaining specific topics in numerous ways (this is for those of us who can't grasp ideas right away) but he is also so caring and patient and has a GENUINE interest in each and every one of his tutees. I was beyond overwhelmed with the MCAT and did not have faith in my ability to do well. Elliot not only taught me the information that would be tested but he also helped me build my confidence and self esteem, two aspects that are quite often overlooked. I seriously cannot recommend Elliot more highly and would not have been able to tackle to MCAT without him!!!!!!"
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    (Nataly, MCAT)
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    "Studying for the MCAT was an exceptionally stressful period in my life: until I worked with Elliot. He is able to break down the exam into manageable chunks and focuses specifically on your weak points. Elliot also helped to manage my stress before the exam by describing how the day would go in detail. He is extremely knowledgable and can provide relevant answers to a wide variety of miscellaneous topics. Additionally, he hones in on the topics that frequently appear on the exam and provide examples of how they may come up. I cannot recommend Elliot enough; he truly helped me to feel confident and prepared for this exam!"
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Mackenna, MCAT Student, Score went from 510 to 521)