Emily D


Emily is a California native who grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento. When she went to UC Berkeley for college, Emily was interested in understanding human biology at both the microscopic level through molecular biology as well as at the macroscopic level by looking at human behavior in psychology and economics. Emily graduated in 2018 with a BA in Economics and Molecular and Cell Biology and is currently a medical student at NYU Langone Medical School.

Emily began tutoring in college because of her love for education and the process of helping others learn. She was a teaching assistant for both large general biology courses and small biology seminars, as well as a biology tutor and study group leader. From her previous tutoring experiences, Emily has extensive experience working one-on-one with students and takes care to modify tutoring sessions to fit the needs of each student. Currently, at Cambridge Coaching, Emily brings these experiences to bear when tutoring students in mathematics and biology, as well as helping students prepare for the MCAT.

Outside of school Emily enjoys dancing and paintings (she especially enjoys painting with watercolors and acrylics). She is also an avid animal lover.

Education & Qualifications
  • New York University, MD Candidate 
  • The University of California, Berkeley, BS in Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Biology 
  • Mathematics 
  • MD Coaching