Eric C.


Before settling in Atlanta, GA after taking his Ph.D. in mathematics from Emory University, Eric lived in New York, Chicago, Korea, and Hong Kong. His research is in Differential Geometry, an area that grew from the study of curves and curved surfaces using Calculus. To him, nothing is more fun and creative than thinking for weeks or months on end and finally coming up with a new theorem. Eric strongly feels that mathematics is all about the beauty and wonder that comes from strands of logic being woven together in the most unexpected ways—and as such, it is an art as much as a science.
Eric does not subscribe to the notion that you have to be born with a gift to do math. Just like with anything else—sports, music, writing—talent in math can be cultivated through hard work, and hard work is always rewarded in math. He also believes that since grasping a math concept entails deep concentration, the student must be in a serene state of mind, which can be attained only when the student feels respect and empathy from the tutor.

When Eric is not doing math, he enjoys good food with family and friends, watches good food on TV shows, and worries about his belly getting big from eating good food. Although it has been years since he left New York, he still likes to think that New York City is the center of the universe. Eric also loves classical music, and while he does not play a musical instrument, he is trying to gain respect as a seasoned stereo player (so far he has not been successful).

Education & Qualifications
  • Emory University, PhD in Mathematics
  • SUNY Purchase, BA in Mathematics
  • Mathematics