Erica B.


Erica is well aware and frequently reminded that her undergraduate background represents an uncommon route to medical school. She started practicing surgery at 6 years old on a stuffed bear in empty patient rooms while her father practiced “real medicine” next door. With a heart ready to serve, Erica left her small town in South Arkansas as a 17-year-old to report for basic training at the United States Air Force Academy. Over the course of four years, she served in many command positions but ascribes the most meaningful experience to her position as the Cadet Wing Commander in her final year at the Academy, directly overseeing the officer development training for 4,300 cadets. 

Throughout her time at the Academy, she completed a foreign area studies degree with a specialty in Russian language and political science. As one who is deeply rooted in a scientific career, her background allows her to recognize the importance that communication and cultural awareness play in medicine. Erica hopes to bring these experiences into the military medical community where she can use them to more comprehensively heal those who sacrifice their lives to protect our freedom. She is currently studying to be a surgeon at Harvard Medical School and is excited to return to active duty as a Captain upon graduation. 

Erica has been working in time management training and interview preparation for four years. She has extensive experience in mentorship and likes to call it her “how to pull your life together” training. Outside of studying for medical school, she enjoys rock climbing, yoga, skiing, musical theatre, and travel.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Medical School, MD Candidate
  • United States Air Force Academy, BS in Foreign Area Studies
  • MD Admissions
  • Political Science & Government
  • Russian