Eva grew up on the beautiful island of Sardinia. Her childhood was all about running and climbing trees, swimming and sailing the blue Mediterranean sea. Through sailing, she learned the beauty and the danger of the sea and nature taught her how to be emphatic humble and wild the right amount. Eva comes from a family of known poets, travelers and explorers. Her grandmother's house, where she mostly grew up, is filled with old pictures of her ancestors traveling around the world, especially to Africa. Through those images, Eva developed a strong magnet for discovery the world, she traveled and lived all around the globe embracing the beauty of cultural diversity. At night, her grandfather used to write beautiful poems, and often he used to read them to her. Following her granddad's footsteps, at age ten Eva published her first book in Italian which is a collection of stories and poems about animals and life, recalling one of her favorite childhood author: Aesop and his Fables.

At College, she studied European classical disciplines. During those years she published her first book of poems. Her school was very traditional and strict, and through it she learned how to appreciate the importance of discipline and endurance. At University, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture followed by two Master degrees respectively in Urban Design and Landscape Design. Eva now works internationally as an Architect choosing projects mainly oriented in applying sustainable practices. In the meantime, she tutors because she believes that teaching is a noble profession where both teacher and student are able to learn from each other and grow together. Following this life’s philosophy, she has tutored for several years to all ages and this experience has made her incredibly versatile and understanding of different student’s needs. Now she mostly teaches art history, Italian literature and grammar.

Because she believes body’s health is essential for a sharp mind, from a very young age she practiced sports in a competitive manner. She is now a Tae-Kwon-Do unbeaten Italian champion and black belt, a novice boxer and a yoga teacher.

Education & Qualifications
  • The City College of New York, MA in Landscape Design
  • Roma TRE University, Italy, MA in Urban Design
  • Roma TRE University, Italy, BA in Architecture
  • Italian
  • Art History