Gabriel P.


Born in New Hampshire and raised by French and Russian teachers, Gabriel grew up trilingual, reading Asterix and Neznaika on the campuses of St Paul’s School and Middlebury College. He went on to matriculate at St Paul’s, graduating summa cum laude with the school’s top academic prize and distinction in science, math, humanities, and languages. Next, at Williams College, Gabriel fell in love with their famed tutorials—classes where a professor meets weekly with just two students—of which he took nine ranging from ‘Post-Soviet Paradoxes’ to general relativity. He graduated magna cum laude with degrees in Math (GPA 3.96/4) and Physics (GPA 3.98/4), the latter for which he received highest honors. Over six years of research, Gabriel’s interests eventually converged on the fascinating physics of atoms, molecules, and optics. He is now pursuing this field as a first-year graduate student in Physics at Harvard with the Harvard Quantum Initiative fellowship. 

Gabriel loves to make difficult concepts intuitive for others. Since high school, he has tutored students on physics, math, and chemistry and been a teaching assistant at Williams for ‘electricity and magnetism’ and ‘waves and optics.’ His many tutorials have also improved his teaching; he delivered a lecture every other week and received extensive critiques from his professors. 

In his free time, you might spot Gabriel biking around Cambridge, reading at one of Cambridge’s many parks, or swing-dancing at a local venue.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD Candidate in Physics
  • Williams College, BA in Physics and Math
  • High School Diploma from St. Paul's School 2017
  • Math
  • Physics
  • GRE