Greg P.


Greg grew up in the small town of Okemos, Michigan which is the greatest town on earth. After a summer learning physics from Youtube lecture videos, Greg spent his later years of high school shut in a windowless basement laboratory in the Michigan State University Department of Chemistry shooting lasers at various materials. He later attended Harvard University, where he moved towards more theoretical areas, graduating summa cum laude in 2017 with a double major in Physics and Math. His undergraduate thesis on four-dimensional topology won the Fay Prize for the top research in the natural sciences in his graduating class. Greg is now pursuing a Ph.D. in math at MIT, where his research focuses on the interaction between geometry and physics.           

Greg has been teaching math and physics just as long as he has been learning them. Starting with casual tutoring of classmates in his early years, Greg has gone on to work as a TA in the Harvard and MIT math departments. He is also passionate about expanding the accessibility of math and other STEM fields to underrepresented groups, and has worked as a tutor and instructor for the MIT Office of Minority Education and in Correctional Facilities in the Boston area. These experiences have given him a unique perspective on adapting math and learning to individual students’ background and experiences. At Cambridge Coaching, Greg focuses on Math and Physics tutoring.

When not working as a tutor or thinking about geometry, Greg enjoys running, climbing mountains, playing the cello, struggling to learn Mandarin, and looking for the best trees to climb in the Boston area.  

Education & Qualifications
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD Candidate in Mathematics
  • Harvard University, BA in Mathematics and Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics