Hannah S.


Born and raised in San Jose, graduating from UC Berkeley twice, and currently attending UC San Francisco (UCSF), Hannah is a California Bay Area native through and through. In high school, she earned high marks on 11 AP exams, the SAT, and 4 SAT Subject tests. She went on to receive her dual degree BA in integrative biology and public health at UC Berkeley as summa cum laude, staying for another year to earn a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in infectious diseases and vaccinology. She is currently pursuing a medical degree at UCSF with exploratory interests in the fields of pediatrics, internal medicine, oncology, and geriatrics. 

She has mentored students of all ages throughout her training. During college, she coached elementary students in early literacy, guided high school students in the college application process, and tutored campus athletes in core science coursework including general chemistry, organic chemistry, general biology, and biochemistry.

Outside of school, Hannah has conducted an extensive breadth of research. She engaged in metabolism and reproductive health work as an undergraduate, moving to public health studies in her graduate program. Now, she is performing clinical survey research around HIV-healthcare, with summer project plans to make a sequencing software accessible to low-income countries. In her free time, Hannah enjoys casual photography, coordinating large social events, badminton, and building 3000+ piece puzzles.

Education & Qualifications
  • University of California- San Francisco, MD Candidate
  • University of California- Berkeley, MPH
  • University of California- Berkeley, BA in Integrative Biology and Public Health
  • MCAT
  • Chemistry
  • Biology